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Fiber Art Blog 2019 Redux

It has been almost 2 years since I last posted.


So, for 2019 I have a few plans. Most of those plans involve doing things that are positive and enrich my life along with possibly sharing a bit with others. Getting back to blogging about my creative journey is a fine mix of both goals.  So, 2019, here we go...

This blog started as a chronicle of a specific project. It was intended to be finite. Instead, it has become a bit of a life journey for me. I am still working on the block a day project. It is no longer a block every day. And I do not always add it to the quilt as you go I still have going. Instead my skills have grown enough that I make a lot of test items that become useful.

However, I am still definitely working on the block a day in some form. I have learned a tremendous amount from the project and how it has grown to encompass my creative journey. I highly encourage any artist to do something similar - it will help you grow your art.

I recently participated in a Pecha…

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