Thursday, November 12, 2015

Instagram Swap - Music Lyric Craft Swap

 I must admit, I have always loved words.  I love how they evolve, how they look, how a word written by separate people looks different and it actually means only what the listener or reader understands.  Words are ideas given form.  They are fascinating.

 Melody is soul given sound.  When you add the poetry of lyric and human voice to that sound it can be magical.  Like concentrated emotion.  We all know they also can take you right back to a specific time and place in our memories.  Music makes me laugh, cry, and sing even when I should not.  It can bring joy to the greyest day.

As I have been swapping like mad on instagram it occurred to me I had not seen any swaps for music or lyrics.  Epiphany!  So I put the word out to IG land - and got excellent response - I am not the only one who thinks what a fabulous idea!  Pick out a favorite or several favorite songs with lyric and then set it to our mystery partner - make me something with these words and feelings.

This can be ANY craft.  The biggest thing is it does need to be thought out; to the very best of your ability, something that will stand the test of time (though you do not have to bulldog chew test it, we are reasonable people).

So will you do a mini quilt?  An embroidered hoop?  A paper art piece?  A little of everything mixed media?

 Rules and guidelines are as follows;
-The hashtag will be #musiclyriccraftswap - please include it on all IG posts relevant to the swap.  Also, please tag me for all checkin posts, mosaics, and progress posts.
-We will be using the blacklist from IG swappers.
-This is a blind swap - your partner will not know you have them.  Don't give it away!
-Your instagram account for the duration of the swap needs to be active (you post weekly) and public.
-Your partner's favorite lyric may not be in English!  There are many gorgeous songs out there in all languages, don't be afraid to include one or get one.
-This is a long swap - 4 months.  To keep it in your mind please be prepared to post or respond for once a month checkins.
-A mosaic will be the first checkin and is required by 11/26/2015, USA Thanksgiving.  If you do not have a mosaic, you will not be able to continue with the swap.
-Subsequent checkins will be within 3 days of the following dates;

  • December 10, 2015
  • January 10, 2016
  • February 10, 2016 (progress picture on your IG required)
  • March 10, 2016 (progress picture on your IG required)

-The requirements include 1 medium craft and 1 small craft, plus something fun like candy or another item.  You also must include a note - just something small with your name and a sentence or two.  A regional postcard works well for this.
-Your medium craft must incorporate actual words in text of the lyrics chosen.  A lyric can be one word (imagine is forever associated with John Lennon for me) and as many as a whole song.
-Shipping dates are as follows;

  • March 25, 2016 for all international shipping, including USA to and from Canada swaps
  • April 10, 2016 for all domestic shipping.

-When you ship - when available tracking is required and should be sent to your swap host/swap mama.  When tracking is not possible - a picture of the shipment confirmation is still required.
-When you get your swap - as we all know, say thank you.  Show off the hard work your partner did with picture/s, and your thoughts on the fabulous.  part of the joy of the making is knowing your recipient enjoyed the effort.  Say thank you.
-If you have not swapped before please reach out to me before you make this commitment.  You can use my blog for contact, or message me in instagram @vagabondindigo.  This does not mean you can't swap, only that I would like to review your info personally.  If you do not contact me I reserve the right to remove you from the swap.
-signup will open on Monday 11/16 and close Saturday 11/21.  The signup form will be linked on my IG profile @vagabondindigo.
-Please post in your IG when your have submitted the entry form and include the hashtag and my IG @vagabondindigo
-Prepare to have fun and discover or rediscover some music and lyrics!

Signups live until we get 50 participants OR Saturday morning PST.

Edit - Signups closed due to reaching 50 participants.  Emails will be sent out with partners after I review the list for anyone on the IG swap blacklist for past shenanegans, and then assign partners.  Looking at partners email by Sunday 11/22.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

ROYGBIV #3 Finish - Sunset Orange

I am going to keep this one simple.  You can see the picture progress below!

July theme - Log Cabin block.  Color chosen - Orange.

Paper piecing fun! 

This way?

Or this way?

Decision made.  LOVE this background fabric!

Binding in progress.

Love this one!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Q3 Finish Along

I have more artistic thoughts than any other kind of thought I think.  I start a ton of projects and finish a sadly small amount of them.  In an effort to negate that lovely cycle I  am joining the 2015 Finish Along at On the Windy Side.

Q2 went fairly well.  Out of 22 listed, I finished 10.  Thats 16 so far this year!  I do find it amusing how many on this list were on Q1 and 2.  Need to get crackin...

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So here is my Q3 list which is alarmingly similar to Q2!

1 - Friend swap in 2014 - still in progress
 I figured we would get off track on this friend swap.  I am still working thru the packets of goodies she has sent me.  However, I would like to have them done and the top done by Q4 so I can say 'yeah!' and focus on 2015 - 2016.

2 - 2014 Around the World Swap - still in progress
 This is the results of a swap with people from all over.  I have seen a few of our facebook participants post finished quilts which has me inspired to make this happen and get it quilted.

3- 2014 Quilt Guild Paint Chip Challenge - still in progress

I really love the design I created for this challenge.  I still need to finish 6 blocks and then get it quilted.  I would love it on my couch this fall.

4- Garden Wallhanging - still in progress

This is a gift for a friend I want to have done this summer.  I got stuck on quilting the tiny little bits I fused, but I think I have a solution.  This should be finished this quarter.

5- Shop banner wallhanging - still in progress

This has been around for at least 2 years.  Again, I got stuck not sure how to quilt the edges of the small pieces.  However, I want it done and on the wall and then photographed for my etsy shop.

6 - awake my soul wallhanging - still in progress

Similar to the above.  Inspired by Mumford and Sons song lyrics, I would love to do a line of wallhangings with song lyrics like this.  Just have to finish and then do more.  I want to add building silhouettes and a few simple things to give depth, then quilt.

7 - Saving the Pillow Top  - still in progress

This is for my cousin.  My grandmother made this for her years ago, and since grandma has passed it is one of a kind.  It has been well worn, and I don't think can be a pillow anymore.  I am thinking I will turn it into a wallhanging, and then make a pillow for her using this pattern.  Since we are celebrating my cousin's birthday net weekend I am going to finish this within 5 days!

8 - Commissioned quilt - still in progress

 I have to get this done.  I have gotten stuck on designing an applique tree in king size.  I just need to get the base on the wall and do it, and stop waffling.  I want at minimum the top done in Q3.

9 - Baby quilts - still in progress

I have 3 of these tops done in scrappy HSTs.  I just need to back and bind them.  I will donate them when finished.

10- Disappearing Blocks Quilt - still in progress

This is a quilt intended as a Christmas gift.  however, life got busy and I did not finish.  I would like to finish it this spring to gift or put in my own closet.

11- HST quilt\wallhanging.  - still in progress

 I challenged myself last fall to work with half square triangles and pink.  I have a lot cut and pieced.  I need to square up and iron and then decide on the top.  I would love for this to be a quilt I gift or sell -and not hang around!  This may also wind up in a swap.

12 - Winter Wonderland art - still in progress

I painted some snowflake designs on fabric and have been adding thread to them to create unique art with them.  I want to make a wallhanging with them - or maybe a couple of wallhangings.  These were intended to be done for last holiday, but life got in the way, and I got stuck on the sewing portion which is taking a while to make each flake unique.  I love how they are coming out - this may also turn into a teaching aid for a fiber art class.  This may also make it into a swap package.

13 - purely fun pot holders - still in progress

I made a couple of potholder gifts from a pattern I saw online - little R.V. designed art.  I loved them, my recipient loved them, and now I want a few for me!  These would also make great swap gifts!

14 - Mystery Quilt

This is the fabric for a Mystery Quilt on facebook starting in May.  I plan to keep up with the mystery so I don't let it slide!

I totally kept up with the mystery - now to quilt it!  I have backing on its way, and I know what thread I want to use.  I am hoping to tackle this myself.

15 - Focus Through the Prism Challenge starting May 1

I have been participating in this challenge.  So far we have 2 months down and are into month 3.  Here are the first 2 so far - 

May - Monkey Wrench in Red
June - Friendship Star in Indigo. This is to be a gift for the friend that inspired it!

 We have a log cabin inspiration in July - I am leaning towards using the orange this month, a kind of sunrise burst...  I have a design sketched, just need to sew it!  Should have August and September in the bag by the end of Q3 as well.  :)

16 - #kaffeminiswap

I have the fabric ordered and a design sketched out.  Just need to make the mini and maybe a few gifts.  I can't wait for the fabric to arrive!  Kaffe!

17 - #Pirateswap

Looking at getting the fabric for a pirate swap from spoonflower this month.  Wanting to make canvas bags for a couple of swaps.  Love the below spoonflower fabric!

by Teja_jamilla
18 - #mermaidcraftswap

For the mermaid swap I have some scallops started.  Thinking about a bag here as well with a spoonflower fabric I just totally fell in love with!

by Thistleandfox

19 - #criminalmindsswap

I just love this show, and am excited to play with ideas inspired by it to share with others who love this show.  So far I have a design for a large project with a wish list of other possible crafts.

20 - #lovewinsminiswap

Fabrics ordered and a design sketched out.  As soon as I saw this swap I just HAD to join!

21 - boat flag

I was asked to make a boat flag.  This is another finish that must be done this week.  It will be interesting - I have never worked with nylon before!

Whew!  Lots to do!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wheat in the Field

This is for a challenge in my local area.  For our yearly art quilt show we can buy a challenge packet of 2 fabrics.  From those 2 fabrics we have to use a recognizable amount in a finished item of any size and type.  Bag, quilt, wall hanging, wearable, etc.  it only has to incorporate those 2 fabrics and follow the theme of the year.  This year - pieces of the west.  We were provided with a golden cream, and a print of cowboy boots on a black background.  well, hmmm.

 I elected to go for wheat.  How the west was farmed and the various grasses we grow glimmer in the sun and sustain us and the various mammals we share this life with.  How to do that.  I decided to do a modern styling or the drunkards path.  Choosing a lot of stash fabrics in the same color family as the gold to cream color I added a fun western print of saddles to the background cowboy boots.

I quilted each grain in a free motion curve, mimicking the way the grasses grow on a curve to float and then catch the seeds as they ripen.  Adding a few random lines of beads to continue that line effect gave dimension and added movement.

For the back I pieced the remaining cream squares with the saddle print.  I will be adding the quilt tag given to the show participants.

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