Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP it Wednesday - Week 5

Well, I definitely did not do a great job with the whole 'every week' idea.  I do find that me and schedules tend to not meet for long.

Oh well, that means I got lots and lots done, right?  hmmm...
Several weeks ago here is where we were...

  • More Done - 368 Project.  Last block created on 6/25/2014.
  • Not completed - Blocks for the next swap. I have 50 Cathedral Windows to make and 48 1/2 square 5 patches.  
  • More Done - Commissioned quilt.  33 rows to go.
  • Not completed - Commissioned quilt - design applique tree.   I am actually aiming to do this 4th of July weekend.
  • Done - QAYG project from this blog, Span the Distance in Stitches.  Send compiled May/June and work on pounding flowers (that sounded better in my head...)
  • Not Completed - Play Time quilt.  15 blocks to go! 
  • Done - Baby quilt that must be completed by July 10th.  I moved the date because I think I will be mailing this instead of personal delivery.  I have a bunch done!  Details below.
  • Sidelined - Pink Color challenge wallhanging.  I started this because I saw some fabrics and had an idea.  Oi vey.  Working with HSTs, thinking it will be a chevron design.  
  • Done done! - Quilt guild meeting is next Wednesday so I have a few things to do for that.

  • 368 Project - 10 rows
    As of today - here is the new list...

  • 368 Project.  Last block created on 8/10/2014.
  • Blocks for the next swap. I have 50 Cathedral Windows to make and 48 1/2 square 5 patches.  
  • Commissioned quilt.  20 rows to go.
  • Commissioned quilt - design applique tree.   needs to be done asap.
  • QAYG project from this blog, Span the Distance in Stitches.  need to send August and open and work on July.
  • Play Time quilt.  15 blocks to go! 
  • Baby quilt that must be completed by July 10th.  it is done.  I entered it in a couple of quilt shows then will send to its recipient.
  • Seed packets wallhanging.  Details below.
  • Mail 'And Sew it Goes' for Quilting Arts photos  Details below.
  • Get as many votes for 'Indigo's Galaxy' thru end of August as I can.  Details below.
  • Finish Round Robin border #1 for mail date of first of September. Details below.
  • Work on wallhanging for FB wallhanging swap. 
  • Quilt guild meeting is Thursday and I need to make pasta salad and gather a few things for it.

  • Whew!  Started July with 9, finished 5 - sidelined 1.  In August the list has grown!  13, sort of.  

    So, details of the above list.  Seed Packets wall hanging.  I had one of those ideas that came to me.  Then I went to sleep with it on my mind.  I woke up thinking of how to execute.  Basically - it would not go away.  I know a lot of gardeners and I suspect this is one I could make a version of for many.  Right now I am just charmed by quilted radishes.  They are way cuter than they taste!

    Clockwork Yellow
    Quilting Arts magazine hosts many challenges thru the year.  I entered a few in the challenge for opposites attract - using 2 colors from the color wheel.  I started with one idea that I slaved over - tons of sewing and embellishment for 'Clockwork Yellow'.  Then after entering that one I had a simple little notion that I ran with and emailed it as well - 'Nautilus'.  Of course - the second one was accepted!

    The following challenge was to celebrate changing seasons.  I truly did not think I would be accepted a second time but made a fun sewing machine thru the ages wall hanging that would be loved by many a sewer.  Shock of my heart - 'And Sew it Goes' was also accepted!  I cannot wait to get the magazines and share them.
    And Sew it Goes

    Quilting Daily is also hosting a challenge with Singer.  The challenge is to make a 12 inch block incorporating a circle.  Thats it.  That is the guidelines.  Whew!  After a ton of thought and playing with circle ideas I finally decided to go with our galaxy.  A little otherworldly in color choices and certainly scale, I call it 'Indigo's Galaxy'.  And I need votes!  Its a fierce competition with excellent artistry and skills displayed!  Anyone can vote, and if you are reading this - please check out the banner on the right and click the link to go vote.  

    Indigo's Galaxy
    I am also participating in several swaps of various kinds.  One where we make 50 each of 2 blocks to send, one where we will be swapping finished art wall hangings.  And a round robin.  Its a very interesting challenge - in groups of 9 people each person makes a center block - mails to the next person, who then adds a border to the block.  then mails it to the next person and so on.  Once the robins make the round and get back to thier original owner - you have a quilt top worked on by yourself and 8 others.  A very interesting way to combine artistic talents and collaborate!  I sent off my block a while ago - a original design that reminds me of gears.  And I am working on the robin I got a few days ago.  Not in colors I would normally work with so it is definitely a challenge!

    And there we are!  Lots to do!  Better get back to the sewing!

    Sunday, July 27, 2014

    Singer Circle Challenge - The Galaxy According to Indigo

    Progress on a little challenge block.  Details here - Singer is challenging quilters to make a block incorporating a full circle in the design.  That's the whole guidance.

    It blew my mind for a while.  The possibilities!

    Finally I went looking for inspiration and found this diagram.

    by Blacktop Studios
    While i did not want to use that one specifically (it is licensed) it did give me some ideas.

    So, working from some sketches and with interfacing, pretty fabrics and a fun background here we go...

    For the sun I added layers of scraps of yellow, gold, and orange tulle and then did a random curved line in variegaterd thread.  The rest of them will just use the patterns in the fabric - but I couldn't resist making the sun shine.

    Monday, July 21, 2014

    Indigo Salmon - Update

    So a few months ago I talked a bit about a block I was entering in the 2014 Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show.  I call it Indigo Salmon.

    Indigo Salmon

    I literally had no expectations of winning anything as I knew the submissions would be amazing.  Imagine my shock and delight to be contacted and told I was a runner up to the grand prize, and would be receiving a package of my block + 12 others and a selection of fabrics from the challenge!  I was giddy!

    I have been waiting anxiously for the package.  In the meantime I have had lots of pictures and even a video sent to me by friends and others who were able to attend the show in Sister's Oregon.  Check out this slide show - its a great representation of the show!

    Here are a few close ups sent to me by one of the wonderful people who helped put this challenge together - photo credits to Susan Rola!

    Today the mailman rewarded my patience!  A box full of fabric...

    1/2 yard of each of these yummy Westminster fabrics!
    ...and blocks!  12 blocks made by obviously talented quilters!

    The details are extraordinary...

    Caterpillar!  It is almost 3D - it lifts off the block!

    Amazing embroidery!

    Couched yarns!  That might make it into borders...

    Such gorgeous fussy cutting, and what a wonderful way to make a turtle!

    The hand work, oh my - even embroidery in the borders of each fabric!
    I am overwhelmed.  Back to giddy!  I will have to percolate for a while.  Each block is so special and I want that to shine in however I chose to set them.  And it feels like a story here...

    I am so grateful to the Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show organizers for putting this together and continuing to grow the show and with it participation in quilting no matter where you are.  One of these days I will drive down and make it a day of fun to go to that show, maybe an annual fun trip!

    So my lovely quilters and learners and viewers - challenge yourself!  Throw your hat in the ring!  You just never know what will happen...

    Sewvivor- An Indigo at Work and Play

    I am taking the plunge.  I am auditioning for Sewvivor.  This looks like a fantastic online contest that is right up my alley - periodic 'challenges' where different artists interpret things in innovative and unique quilty ways!

    My mind is already working on the challenge topics.  The first is nautical.  Well heck, thats almost too much to work with!  Then quilted bag.  Hmmm, that one worries me a bit.  Then hexies.  I can't decide if I am delighted or chagrined!  Lastly - a lap quilt.  All exciting stuff for quilters!

    I am being foolishly brave by selecting a work in progress as my audition.  I actually can't think of anything I have done or am doing that is more uniquely me than this project that helped me create this blog and certainly inspires me daily.

    Pinned to my design wall to see it all together.  Still keeping it in rows up to 6 for bulk under the needle.
    Here, I am 10 rows in, or 43% of the way.  I have to say, as eclectic as the blocks are I am truly loving how they come together.

    The original premise was to create one 4 inch block daily.  However, the daily part quickly revised to 'when I can'.  Life has been busy and other quilting projects come first many times.  The one thing that has remained consistent however is this project is where I test ideas.

    Closeup of the first row of a word
    Paper piecing, felt free form, and applique flags
    Each block is a challenge for me in a new technique or to perfect a technique.  It may be an idea that came to me like a flash, or one that percolates for a while.  Some are techniques I have read about in a blog or magazine.  All blocks have their own blog posting in this blog as I have created them.  By using quilt-as-you-go for a finishing method it has helped me keep the blocks from damage and made me learn a great deal about QAYG as a technique.  It also means that while I consider this a work in progress in all reality the quilt as it is is finished other than a binding - every single piece is individually quilted.

    Paper piece flying geese, reverse applique,
    my version of a Baltimore Block style pattern,
     and tiny cathedral windows.
    When finished this quilt will likely become wall art.  Its is very heavy now and when fully done will likely weigh as much as 3 quilts!  I am also thinking about using it for a teaching quilt; it is a record of many of my skill milestones and will likely hold many more by the time I am done.  I truly think any quilter looking to expand their abilities should do something similar.

    Another Baltimore Block style, wonky star,
    paper pieced square in square,
    and more flying geese.
    So, using this for Sewvivor audition.  Even if I do not make the final 16 (and there is some serious talent in the auditions sew far) I will follow along in the Sewvivor quilt along, which may have it's own prizes!

    The backs are interesting on their own - all but one so far a solid piece of fabric!

    I also love how the quilting comes through on the backs.

    3D hexi flower, half square triangles, playing with circles, and improv curved piecing.

    String piecing fun, thread painting, reverse applique,and  raw edge applique.

    Drunkards Path variations, more 3D hexis, thread painting, trapunto, painting on fabric, applique, and hand stitching.

    Faux Cathedral Windows, traditional Amish square in square, disappearing 4-patch, and the twister.

    Trapunto, paper piecing, needle turn applique, prairie points, and free form applique.

    11 more rows to go!

    Come sew with us!

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