Friday, May 29, 2015

Mystery Quilt Top Completed

I started with the above fabrics and a FQ pack of white to grey to black fabrics.  I wanted to play with neutrals and shot cottons, far outside my comfort zone.  To put me back in my zone - the background white with black text print.

Working from the mystery quilt created and hosted on facebook by my friend Kristin McCoy she calls XOXO (that you can still play with!)I started the process week by week.

 I was actually surprised at how I liked just doing a small bit at a time, not knowing how it would wind up.  I tried to keep it to pieces I would lay out in a graduated or ombre look.

I loved how these 9 patches looked with the greys!

 Eventually I had all the blocks made and started working with the design wall.  Right away I hated the black.  Its just too distracting.  So FINE!  Out comes the seam ripper and I subbed darker greys for all the black pieces.

 Ahhhh, much better.  At this point I started wondering how I was going to quilt this.  I wanted to use a bright blue - the same shade the shot cottons carry.  But I worried it was a bad choice.  Who would use blue on this color combo?!?!  So, I made a tester - ie mini.

 With 1 inch blocks rather than 2, and all the same fabrics.  once I had my quilt sandwich I quilted in blue in a graduated thread build up.  I love the result!  Blue for quilting it is!

I am also ridiculously happy with the binding I did for the mini - strips of greys that gradually darken with the quilt.

For the full sized top I wanted to make it bed sized, so I added 13 inches top and bottom, and 9 inches to each side.  I deliberately sewed the borders first then added them to the top to make this simple border with movement.  It carries the eye around the quilt.

I found this process and result quite satisfying.  A quilt does not have to be complex or use a lot of fabrics to be lovely.  I like it a lot!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Swap Items Complete

For this spring I entered a swap from Facebook.  Make anything with fabric with a quilting emphasis.  My assigned (secret!) partner did not want a mini - so what to do?

Well first - go find fabric!  She specifically mentioned Tula Pink, so I went outside my stash and comfort zone and explored Tula Pink on my favorite online shop - Hawthorne Threads.

I went with fabrics from several lines, including some add ons from other designers like Joel Dewberry.  I decided on the focus fabric from the Tula Pink Elizabeth line.  So lush and outside my normal!

Since I was not making a mini I elected to make a bag using the Phoebe pattern I found on craftsy.  I want one for me now!

I had so much fun I kept going!  Next up - log cabin style hexie pot holder.  I DEFINITELY need one for me!

Still feeling inspired I went for this little pop up pouch from a tutorial by the Crafty Gemini.  Loved it so much I made me one!

For fun - a keychain fob as well!

 Hopefully my partner enjoys all her treats - I have had a blast making them  :)

Happy Sewing!

Hexie Mini

I don't have a name for it, but hexie mini DONE!  While I do love it, I don't know that I will ever make one again.  122 hand sewn hexies - and it finishes at the size of a cupboard door, lol. 

For quilting I elected to use my machine wavey stitch.  I used lines of dark blue thread and orange thread.

For the binding I used a lovely lime Tula Pink fabric I had.  2 strips were not quite enough so I just added a scrap of a blue print from the scrap pile.  I will use this technique again - I like the interest it brings.

The backing is pieced from some blue paisley, a white on white print, the same light blue used in the binding, and a rectangle of grey.

I have not actually added a tag or name to the back yet - I am waiting for an order of swatchs from spoonflower to arrive with a load of tags I designed.  I am thinking this one will work.

I was not kidding when I said it was the size of a cabinet door - which is lovely since that is where it will be!

Fishing with Tula - Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show 2015 block contest entry 2

As before I started with the following fabrics.  We can ONLY use those fabrics + embellishments of choice to make a 9.5" block.  

This time I wanted to piece the small blocks and see if I could do something similar to last years block I made with a North West theme.  Organic curves seemed to be a good start.

Love how the curves looked like sunrise or sunset on water!
 Then I had to decide on the applique.  Last year I did a tribal style salmon - this year I decided to focus on the human side of the fishing.  A commercial fishing boat, which we see hundreds of in the Pacific waters, seemed like a good transition.  I come from a family of fishers so this is a lovely personal art as well.

I found a good silhouette of a boat I liked and created a cartoon image from it.  Then traced that onto wonder under.

Then iron it onto the fabric and start cutting!  Very sharp, very small scissors are a must at this step.

More cutting...

...and more cutting...

...and more cutting... and done cutting!

Iron the cut fusible to the background.  I lined up the mast with the stright sewn line in the middle of the block.

Next - add layers of tulle.  When I sew around the image the tulle keeps it in place.  It also adds a shimmer of color.  I used a dark blue overall, and layers of green, blue and white for the water.

Then, FMQ around the image and all cut outs.  This is a bit tedious, but the image starts to really pop out.

Then, cut away all the tulle.  THIS is tedious!  Very easy to make a mistake and catch a bit of tulle within the image.  I leave the tulle over the applique and cut it from the background.

When tulle is cut away you have a stable, lightly shaded, silhouette!  I love using this technique for extremely detailed applique with tons of little bits.

A friend wants this image on a tote.  For now, this is going to Sister's Oregon, and my brain is thinking about a NorthWest series of intricate images.  hmmm.

Happy sewing!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Bee's Life - Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show 2015 block contest entry

Last year I submitted a block to the Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show block contest.  Indigo Salmon did very well.  Since I have loved this show for years and it is one challenge I can participate in long distance, I am doing it again this year.  

As before, we start with a packet of fabrics and have to make a 9.5" block with only those fabrics and possible embellishments. With a VERY different selection of fabrics, this time from Tula Pink, it is a real challenge indeed.

What a selection - and so far outside my color comfort zone!
 I put the fabrics up on my design wall for a few weeks.  On a side note, i did not realize until i started working on the block that I actually had looked at this line of fabric for the deer print for my Dear, Deer, Deere project.  I got the blue colorway of the deer print and had to have them in hand before I realized!  Too funny!

I finally thought of hexies, and decided to make a hexie garden with a bee.  With variable sizes of hexies I layed them out in a way I likes and glued them to the fabric.

Next I used a teal thread and quilted lines from all the corners of the hexies to quilt them down and create an interesting pattern.

At first I planned to try a fabric bee, but then decided on beads.  I went looking for a beaded bee pattern online and didn't like ANYTHING.  Then I found a wire wrapped bee creation.  I decided to try it in some green wire I have.  A bit later and I have a green bee!  I like how it looks with the fabric line and background.

Last I quilted a bee trail in grey 12wt thread across and around the block.  It is subtle, but I like that with all the other bright colors.

Then I added a few beads to take subtle to interesting.

 I am happy with how it looks!  Even if I do not place this year, I hope someone enjoys this block as much as I did making it.

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