sometimes we all need a little inspiration

After work, as I was fixing something to eat, I had a ton of thoughts I wanted to write down, one after another after another... by the time I got to the computer most faded, but maybe I can salvage a few.

Today, I let my cats out of thier room.

Ok, this may sound horrible, but it isn't.  I work from home, and 4 cats can get into a LOT of trouble when they think you are not paying attention.  Not to mention being on a supervisor call with a customer when a cat meows for attention, or a fight breaks out 2 feet behind me is rather challenging to explain.  Did I mention how capable they are of unplugging my computer?

But today, I let them out.  Mostly, I missed them, and felt bad for the amount of time they have been in thier room (a full sized room with cat toys, food, litter boxes and a window seat) between my work and school schedule.  And I realized, I love spending time with them.  They inspire me to live and participate in the world around me.

So then, I saw an article about a woman eating school lunches with her students for a year and blogging about it.  This further inspired me.

I feel just a little more involved, alive, and kicking now than I did when I started the day.  A little inspiration from the simplest sources goes a long way. 


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