Progress Made - 5 Rows Down

I started with this stack of 25 to add into what was in progress.

Stack 'o' pretties

And then, here we are, with 5 rows together.  1 thru 80 ready to go.  I have definitely learned a few things.

80 Blocks!
-put rows together from the center out
-match sashing as I pin
-cut the back sashing a bit wide (opps for not doing so for a bit)
-be prepared with the seam ripper
-next time - hand stitch closed the back sashing
-plans change, be prepared to change along with them
-even if you start with a strict pattern, learn from your sewing as you go, and be willing to learn from others (see blogs I recommend for a sample)
Front Left

Front Right
Back Right
Back Left
On the whole I am happy with how it is coming.  I think the widest piece I would want to work with during the first stages is 5 rows like this - it is quickly cumbersome in the sewing machine.  It will be interesting once I put together the bigger chunks!

So, this is 80 blocks, I have 6 already done and rowed up, 280 left to make, 18 rows to go!


  1. You are making good progress. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Dena - Thanks for your pop in and comment, I will try to get better at verbalizing what I am learning - that's what the project is all about after all!.

  2. This is a beautiful and an inspiring project. I looked back to the first post to see more about it. Great personal challenge, and each block is eye-catching. I really like your sashing choices.

    1. Karen - thank you so much! As much as others inspire me I can only hope others might find something to use from my shares!

      The sashing was maybe the hardest choice - what would work no matter the block, without being a solid fabric (which I am not fond of). this was what I came up with. As I see it come together I like it more and more :)


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