Block 36 of 368

This block was inspired by a BOTM challenge on a quilting board,  They presented a August challenge from the quilters cache (my favorite online quilt blocks site!) for the exploding star block,

Translating that paper piecding to 4 inches was the challenge.  Making all the corners match and the size come out the the needed 4.5 inches for sewing it into the quilt was... well, I didnt make it happen.  I am not one who goes back and starts over or does a lot of seam ripping.  I simply dont have the patience.  So, I usually 'make it work' in the words of Tim Gunn.

I was actually fairly happy with how it came out.  love the colors and how it pops.  The quilting originally was going to be stitch in the ditch, to highlight the rays effect.  However, I missed the ditch several times (note to self, increase stitch length for quilting in the ditch).  So, I went back over the rays with a fancy feather stitch.  i am finally pleased with the results.  I love its little imperfections, it will fit into my quilt VERY well.


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