WIP it Wednesday - Week 5

Well, I definitely did not do a great job with the whole 'every week' idea.  I do find that me and schedules tend to not meet for long.

Oh well, that means I got lots and lots done, right?  hmmm...

Several weeks ago here is where we were...

  • More Done - 368 Project.  Last block created on 6/25/2014.
  • Not completed - Blocks for the next swap. I have 50 Cathedral Windows to make and 48 1/2 square 5 patches.  
  • More Done - Commissioned quilt.  33 rows to go.
  • Not completed - Commissioned quilt - design applique tree.   I am actually aiming to do this 4th of July weekend.
  • Done - QAYG project from this blog, Span the Distance in Stitches.  Send compiled May/June and work on pounding flowers (that sounded better in my head...)
  • Not Completed - Play Time quilt.  15 blocks to go! 
  • Done - Baby quilt that must be completed by July 10th.  I moved the date because I think I will be mailing this instead of personal delivery.  I have a bunch done!  Details below.
  • Sidelined - Pink Color challenge wallhanging.  I started this because I saw some fabrics and had an idea.  Oi vey.  Working with HSTs, thinking it will be a chevron design.  
  • Done done! - Quilt guild meeting is next Wednesday so I have a few things to do for that.

  • 368 Project - 10 rows
    As of today - here is the new list...

  • 368 Project.  Last block created on 8/10/2014.
  • Blocks for the next swap. I have 50 Cathedral Windows to make and 48 1/2 square 5 patches.  
  • Commissioned quilt.  20 rows to go.
  • Commissioned quilt - design applique tree.   needs to be done asap.
  • QAYG project from this blog, Span the Distance in Stitches.  need to send August and open and work on July.
  • Play Time quilt.  15 blocks to go! 
  • Baby quilt that must be completed by July 10th.  it is done.  I entered it in a couple of quilt shows then will send to its recipient.
  • Seed packets wallhanging.  Details below.
  • Mail 'And Sew it Goes' for Quilting Arts photos  Details below.
  • Get as many votes for 'Indigo's Galaxy' thru end of August as I can.  Details below.
  • Finish Round Robin border #1 for mail date of first of September. Details below.
  • Work on wallhanging for FB wallhanging swap. 
  • Quilt guild meeting is Thursday and I need to make pasta salad and gather a few things for it.

  • Whew!  Started July with 9, finished 5 - sidelined 1.  In August the list has grown!  13, sort of.  

    So, details of the above list.  Seed Packets wall hanging.  I had one of those ideas that came to me.  Then I went to sleep with it on my mind.  I woke up thinking of how to execute.  Basically - it would not go away.  I know a lot of gardeners and I suspect this is one I could make a version of for many.  Right now I am just charmed by quilted radishes.  They are way cuter than they taste!

    Clockwork Yellow
    Quilting Arts magazine hosts many challenges thru the year.  I entered a few in the challenge for opposites attract - using 2 colors from the color wheel.  I started with one idea that I slaved over - tons of sewing and embellishment for 'Clockwork Yellow'.  Then after entering that one I had a simple little notion that I ran with and emailed it as well - 'Nautilus'.  Of course - the second one was accepted!

    The following challenge was to celebrate changing seasons.  I truly did not think I would be accepted a second time but made a fun sewing machine thru the ages wall hanging that would be loved by many a sewer.  Shock of my heart - 'And Sew it Goes' was also accepted!  I cannot wait to get the magazines and share them.
    And Sew it Goes

    Quilting Daily is also hosting a challenge with Singer.  The challenge is to make a 12 inch block incorporating a circle.  Thats it.  That is the guidelines.  Whew!  After a ton of thought and playing with circle ideas I finally decided to go with our galaxy.  A little otherworldly in color choices and certainly scale, I call it 'Indigo's Galaxy'.  And I need votes!  Its a fierce competition with excellent artistry and skills displayed!  Anyone can vote, and if you are reading this - please check out the banner on the right and click the link to go vote.  

    Indigo's Galaxy
    I am also participating in several swaps of various kinds.  One where we make 50 each of 2 blocks to send, one where we will be swapping finished art wall hangings.  And a round robin.  Its a very interesting challenge - in groups of 9 people each person makes a center block - mails to the next person, who then adds a border to the block.  then mails it to the next person and so on.  Once the robins make the round and get back to thier original owner - you have a quilt top worked on by yourself and 8 others.  A very interesting way to combine artistic talents and collaborate!  I sent off my block a while ago - a original design that reminds me of gears.  And I am working on the robin I got a few days ago.  Not in colors I would normally work with so it is definitely a challenge!

    And there we are!  Lots to do!  Better get back to the sewing!


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