Coffee Time Blues

Whew!  Boy, life sure does move fast!  Its like it's own particle accelerator.

Coffee Time Blues - 14.25" x 24.5"
This project is in response to the Project Quilting Challenge #6 'Isn't That Charming'.  Hosted by Kim at Persimmon Dreams I have followed this for some time, but seem to usually miss the start of the weekly challenges.  This time I caught it, and it was right up my alley challenge wise.

Take 20 + charms (5" squares) and using only those - make something with the front of your project having the charms.  OHHHHHH the possibility!

I knew I did not want to make anything large as I have SO many things going on right now.  I also knew I wanted something I would use.  Hmmm.  I decided, since I am enjoying spring and my kitchen these days, to make a counter runner for next to my coffee station.  Coffee is my life blood in the mornings and I feel it deserves something a little special.

Next, I had to decide on the charms.  I have a huge collection of charms for my 365 project but I decided to both simplify and challenge myself by sticking with one line.  I took a charm pack I recently got from JoAnn's; Flourish by Fabric Central.
I decided to work with all 30 charms and see what I could do with my favorite - cut and sew cut and sew method.  I started with random curved cuts. .  Then I did another curved cut and worked with that.  The results were a little crazy, but I elected to continue.  After making the curvey 4 patch, I squared the blocks to 4 inches.

 I found it really difficult to work with essentially 2 colors - white and blue.  At several points while sewing I was NOT sure I would like the results - but I kept going.  28 blocks later (4 x 7 setting) I have a top to work with.  Next I had to decide on the backing.  I pulled out a neutral I fell in love with - 'Vintage Sterling Formal Setting' by Susan Winget.  I cannot get enough of this fabric!

Once I had my top and backing, time to decide on quilting.  I had many thoughts, but elected to go with an organic (unplanned) wavey machine stitch to accent and pull together the curves in the piecing.

I finally started to see some cohesion.  The thread I used is a very light yellow, it adds a bit of brightness to the look and helps pull the eye along the top.

Next design decision was the binding. I knew from how much the 2 color white and blue bugged me (and SO does not match my eclectic kitchen colors!) I wanted a bright binding.  I decided to machine bind and used a risky fabric that adds a ton of colors to the piece.  It has a faux piping in a light blue with the crazy random print of fushia, green, orange, white, turquoise and blue.

The thin blue piped binding adds a nice frame before we get back into the crazy colors of the binding.

I have been using this for a few days now and I just love it.  It adds a bit of bright to my morning.

 The waved quilting is very calming, while the curved piecing of the blues and white fabic is slightly jarring and invigorating.

 The crazy cuts of the fabrics reminded me of broken china.  While the pattern name broken dishes is taken, that thought led to the name - 'Coffee Time Blues'.


  1. absolutely gorgeous! I just love how the quilting makes wonderful! I'm so glad you caught the challenge and joined in the Project QUILTING fun!

  2. I'm so glad you continued to work on this project even when you weren't so sure about it. What a great end result! I can see the broken dishes in the blue and white and love the curvy quilting... not to mention the spunky crazy binding. Well done. :)


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