10 x 10 experiment

Today's project is not part of the block a day quilt.  However it has led to ideas I will be using for future blocks.

This came from seeing an idea of clay beads or buttons with a grid punched in it for cross stitch.  I kept thinking what a great accessory for a piece of fiber. 

So, I molded a bunch of air dry clay and texturizing and stamped them.  Then, I had to decide about color.  I elected to use bright finger nail polishes for a quick shiny finish.  Some metallic thread and embroidery floss stitches and they were ready.  The colors felt beachy so I chose fabrics that went to a water and sand feel.  

After that I knew I wanted some interesting textured quilting.  I did a waves dense lines following the waves in the fabric on the back.  Then I freehand machine stitched 3 sand dollars.  I am working on the hand finished binding - then I will sew down the bright clay buttons.

I really love this for wall art.  I have more clay buttons to play with - watch for more!


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