Quilting in Progress

Part of any project is planning.  Even for me; a huge fan of pulling fabric together randomly.  

Some parts of this process I always enjoy.  Like buying fabric and tools - I LOVE shopping in a craft store!  Other parts are harder for me, like choosing a pattern or measuring fabric or cutting large amounts of fabrics and templates.  And ironing fabric - I really hate ironing fabric.

But sometimes I enjoy persnickety parts of the planning - like figuring out the best way to sew a pattern.  I enjoy taking a design and tinkering with it or creating a whole new (to me) pattern.

Below are a few sketches I have ready to sew for this project.  Like movie storyboards paper patterns always feel like their own art form. I like to save them when I can.  Maybe I will play with own and ink and do some quilt square zentangling!


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