Dear, Deer, Deere...

Sometimes the ideas just come along so fast and furious I can't stop!

WIP pieced hexie test

I am part of a local quilt guild.  I joined a guild about 2 years ago here as a way to get out of the house on a regular basis to purposefully interact with humans - otherwise I tend to avoid doing such things.  I had been curious about a guild for years but just did not have the social chutzpah to invite myself.  Until I did - and discovered it is a fabulous way to expand your quilting horizons.

The guild I am part of is in a small town in the country.  It is full of generations of ladies (no men for us) but mostly in the older years.  I am one of the youngest at 39.  Things I expected from a guild; fuddy duddiness, traditional quilting, a lack of imagination, snooty opinions of modern or avante garde quilting, people who were so good at what they did they are intimidating.

I will say some things came true.  We have some excellent artisans who put me in awe.  Most of the ladies have strong opinions and are willing to share them.  At times there is fuddy, and other times duddy.  There is also a plethora of traditional quilting (whatever that is).

MANY things did not come true, or were a pleasant surprise.  The amount of creative support is amazing.  We have show and tell at each monthly meeting and it is wonderful to both share and to see what others are doing.  I go home every month artistically rejuvenated (and sufficiently socialized!).  I love being part of a guild and recommend it for ALL quilters.

Each year our guild does many activities like a raffle quilt, and projects and trades etc.  We just set up a challenge for the guild that I am currently drafting the rules to share.  The fabric is from Emily Herrick with Michael Miller fabrics.  It is so fabulous!  We will share the fabric with the guild and similar to the hoffman fabric challenge yearly the guild members who participate will need to have a recognizable amount of this fabric in the top.  Well let me tell ya, it has my creative juices flowing!

Since I was placing an order with spoonflower for some of my own fabrics, I decided to check out what deer fabric they have that would contrast with the deer print in our challenge fabric.  Oh my, the offerings are tremendous!  I finally found the following;

Retro Deer Head Stone by scrummy on spoonflower
I am so in love!!!!

With this in mind I am looking at doing a hexie design.  Variants of the following;

the caffeinated quilter
I am trying to do one per day, by hand, using english paper piecing.  While I wait for my fabric to arrive I am starting with a few pieces here that I may be able to use - because I have never used english paper piecing before!  The sample at the top is my first one.  A few bobbles but on the whole I like it!

I can't wait to use the deer head fabric as a fussy cut hexigon with the pieced hexies around it!

Sew away!


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