So this is Love - First Q1 Finish!

While this is not my first finish of 2015 it is my first finish from the Q1 goals I set myself. 

So this is Love - 22" x 18"
I am thrilled with this finish for several reasons.  I love the ticker tape style of raw applique.  So simple, yet creates a story in a story depending on your view.

I also really enjoyed playing with a new-to-me binding style - the faux-piping binding.  A friend at guild pointed us at this tutorial, which was JUST what I needed.  It can be a bit tricky - ironing the piping all the same size then keeping it all together when sewing to the back was probably the part that was most fiddly.  But I do love the result.

I got to play with a teal shot cotton.  These fabrics just have to be seen and felt to understand why they are SO luscious.  The way the colors move and seem to glow makes them just gorgeous solids to work with.

This was also a big chance for me to play with a few of the fabrics I created over at spoon flower.  My little artsy geek soul giggles everytime I look at them!  I have a few of the medium hearts in the applique pieces, and the small print in blue and black as the binding.

Finally, I love the treatment I did with the back.  Taking the 2 layers and as the raw edge happened on the front it allowed creation of a negative image of the same on the back.  It is almost a reversible wallhanging.

I am inspired to keep going with my Q1 list!


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