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I have more artistic thoughts than any other kind of thought I think.  I start a ton of projects and finish a sadly small amount of them.  In an effort to negate that lovely cycle I  am joining the 2015 Finish Along at On the Windy Side.

Q1 was not a great finish time for me.  Out of 17 listed, I finished 1.  Have to laugh a bit.  However, lots of turmoil in my life during that time that for now seems to have relaxed.  I went a month with no quilting (unheard of!) which majorly set me back.  This quarter - lots will be done!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So here is my Q2 list which is alarmingly similar to Q1!  But here we go anyway  :)

1-  2015 Guild Spring Challenge - getting there!

This is a test hexie for a quilt guild challenge I am going to do.  My first attempt as english piecing, I think I love it!  The challenge will have to be done around April, so this is a must finish.

Some progress -

I have a layout and and slowly working to put it together.  When finished it will be around 45" X 40" and all by hand.  So, its time consuming.

2- Sister's Oregon Quilt Show quilt - still in progress

In 2014 I won a selection of blocks from a block challenge hosted by Sister's Oregon.  I want to make a quilt and enter it in the outdoor show.  It would have to be finished by June, so I better get crackin!

3 - Friend swap in 2014 - still in progress
 I figured we would get off track on this friend swap.  I am still working thru the packets of goodies she has sent me.  However, I would like to have them done and the top done by Q1 so I can say 'yeah!' and focus on 2015.

4 - 2014 Around the World Swap - still in progress
 This is the results of a swap with people from all over.  I have seen a few of our facebook participants post finished quilts which has me inspired to make this happen and get it quilted.

5- 2014 Quilt Guild Paint Chip Challenge - still in progress

I really love the design I created for this challenge.  I still need to finish 6 blocks and then get it quilted.  I would love it on my couch this summer.

6- Garden Wallhanging - still in progress

This is a gift for a friend I want to have done this summer.  I got stuck on quilting the tiny little bits I fused, but I think I have a solution.  This should be finished this quarter.

7- Shop banner wallhanging - still in progress

This has been around for at least 2 years.  Again, I got stuck not sure how to quilt the edges of the small pieces.  However, I want it done and on the wall and then photographed for my etsy shop.

8 - awake my soul wallhanging - still in progress

Similar to the above.  Inspired by Mumford and Sons song lyrics, I would love to do a line of wallhangings with song lyrics like this.  Just have to finish and then do more.  I want to add building silhouettes and a few simple things to give depth, then quilt.

9- 2015 Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt show block contest.

The challenge is to make a 9.5" block out of the fabrics above and ONLY those fabrics.  Embellishments allowed.

10 - hexi mini - top almost done - still in progress, but well on its way

This is kind of a personal challenge to figure out hexis and hand sewing.  I actually kind of love it, and made a ton of 2 inch hexi forms I can use over and over.  Hoping to have the mini on the wall in Q1,but i also plan to hand quilt this baby, so we will see.

Progress on hexi mini -

Top almost done.  This is something I do when chilling out with the TV after work.

11 - Saving the Pillow Top  - still in progress

This is for my cousin.  My grandmother made this for her years ago, and since grandma has passed it is one of a kind.  It has been well worn, and I don't think can be a pillow anymore.  I am thinking I will turn it into a wallhanging, and then make a pillow for her using this pattern.

12 - Commissioned quilt - still in progress

 I have to get this done.  I have gotten stuck on designing an applique tree in king size.  I just need to get the base on the wall and do it, and stop waffling.  I want at minimum the top done in Q1.

13 - Baby quilts - still in progress

I have 3 of these tops done in scrappy HSTs.  I just need to back and bind them.  I will donate them when finished.

14- Disappearing Blocks Quilt - still in progress

This is a quilt intended as a Christmas gift.  however, life got busy and I did not finish.  I would like to finish it this spring to gift or put in my own closet.

15- HST quilt\wallhanging.  - still in progress

 I challenged myself last fall to work with half square triangles and pink.  I have a lot cut and pieced.  I need to square up and iron and then decide on the top.  I would love for this to be a quilt I gift or sell -and not hang around!

16 - Winter Wonderland art - still in progress

I painted some snowflake designs on fabric and have been adding thread to them to create unique art with them.  I want to make a wallhanging with them - or maybe a couple of wallhangings.  These were intended to be done for last holiday, but life got in the way, and I got stuck on the sewing portion which is taking a while to make each flake unique.  I love how they are coming out - this may also turn into a teaching aid for a fiber art class.

17 - purely fun pot holders - still in progress

I made a couple of potholder gifts from a pattern I saw online - little R.V. designed art.  I loved them, my recipient loved them, and now I want a few for me!

18 - Local quilt challenge for a quilt show.

So close!  Need to bind it then decide on embellishments.

19 - Mystery Quilt

This is the fabric for a Mystery Quilt on facebook starting in May.  I plan to keep up with the mystery so I don't let it slide!

20 - Sewing Machine cover

Time for a sewing machine cover.  Might as well have fun with it!

21 - New swap due in May.  These are the fabrics and the start of the project.

22 - Focus Through the Prism Challenge starting May 1

I will be participating in this challenge.  It is an awesome one, full of potential.  Part of the challenge will be making 1 mini per month for 7 months - so I should have 2 finishes from this alone.  Can't wait to begin!

Whew!  Lots to do!


  1. I have a lot of artistic thoughts too! I really love the paint chip guild challenge quilt. The movement, color selection, design...everything is spot on! I hope you get a lot of time at your sewing machine for Q2!

    1. Thanks for comin by Jill. So far so good on the sewing! I finished 2 bindings today so I am pleased! Spring seems to be a good time this year to really sew sew sew :)

      Yes, I am particularly fond of the paint chip challenge and my design + color choices. I wasn't at first, I thought it was far more jarring than intended. But the more I look the more I love - which is inspiring me to get it done :)

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