A Bee's Life - Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show 2015 block contest entry

Last year I submitted a block to the Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show block contest.  Indigo Salmon did very well.  Since I have loved this show for years and it is one challenge I can participate in long distance, I am doing it again this year.  

As before, we start with a packet of fabrics and have to make a 9.5" block with only those fabrics and possible embellishments. With a VERY different selection of fabrics, this time from Tula Pink, it is a real challenge indeed.

What a selection - and so far outside my color comfort zone!
 I put the fabrics up on my design wall for a few weeks.  On a side note, i did not realize until i started working on the block that I actually had looked at this line of fabric for the deer print for my Dear, Deer, Deere project.  I got the blue colorway of the deer print and had to have them in hand before I realized!  Too funny!

I finally thought of hexies, and decided to make a hexie garden with a bee.  With variable sizes of hexies I layed them out in a way I likes and glued them to the fabric.

Next I used a teal thread and quilted lines from all the corners of the hexies to quilt them down and create an interesting pattern.

At first I planned to try a fabric bee, but then decided on beads.  I went looking for a beaded bee pattern online and didn't like ANYTHING.  Then I found a wire wrapped bee creation.  I decided to try it in some green wire I have.  A bit later and I have a green bee!  I like how it looks with the fabric line and background.

Last I quilted a bee trail in grey 12wt thread across and around the block.  It is subtle, but I like that with all the other bright colors.

Then I added a few beads to take subtle to interesting.

 I am happy with how it looks!  Even if I do not place this year, I hope someone enjoys this block as much as I did making it.

This is part of my Q2 finishes with On the Windy Side 2015 Finish Along.


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