Update to Dear, Deer, Deere

Dear, Deer, Deere is rollin along!

First candies hexie made.
I started this with the challenge fabric from our local guild - Yes Deer in navy from Emily Herrick.

From there I knew I wanted something somewhat scrappy using all the glorious colors in the print - grey, navy, lime, orange, eggplant, even fuschia.  The candied hexie idea came along even before I actually had my hand on the fabric.

Then - I added fabrics.  Some from my current supply - shades of eggplant and orange, and a variety of low volume grey prints.  

Several from Emily Herricks line of Rustique - 

like this one!
...and then went and found some gorgeous and fun deer fabrics from other lines!

Then, I started making hexies.  I have a ton already (well, 63!).  As they are all done by hand (my personal challenge on this one) it is time consuming.  

I figured out what basic shapes I wanted to use for the hexies and made plastic templates of those shapes.  Then, for each hexie I make paper pieces from magazines.  I baste several at a time, then start whipstitching them together while watching TV.  

Here you see my ottoman workspace.  The trick is keeping the cats off it!

This is the basic layout I decided on.  Originally it was only hexies, but I thought that looked a little crazier than intended.  I added the triangle cornerstones to add cohesion and space.  By making some of the hexies solid grey/neutral I think it will draw the eye around the top.
Now the trick is - get to sewing!  I am trying to decide if I will hand quilt or machine quilt.  I think it will depend on how much time I have left once the top is done.  HOPING to have it together by the end of this weekend, but we will see.


  1. Love the colours you are using in these.

    1. Thank you Julie. I love them too - I think this one will be all MINE when done, lol, it just makes me very happy in color play and graphics :D


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