Indigo Salmon - Update

So a few months ago I talked a bit about a block I was entering in the 2014 Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show.  I call it Indigo Salmon.

Indigo Salmon

I literally had no expectations of winning anything as I knew the submissions would be amazing.  Imagine my shock and delight to be contacted and told I was a runner up to the grand prize, and would be receiving a package of my block + 12 others and a selection of fabrics from the challenge!  I was giddy!

I have been waiting anxiously for the package.  In the meantime I have had lots of pictures and even a video sent to me by friends and others who were able to attend the show in Sister's Oregon.  Check out this slide show - its a great representation of the show!

Here are a few close ups sent to me by one of the wonderful people who helped put this challenge together - photo credits to Susan Rola!

Today the mailman rewarded my patience!  A box full of fabric...

1/2 yard of each of these yummy Westminster fabrics!
...and blocks!  12 blocks made by obviously talented quilters!

The details are extraordinary...

Caterpillar!  It is almost 3D - it lifts off the block!

Amazing embroidery!

Couched yarns!  That might make it into borders...

Such gorgeous fussy cutting, and what a wonderful way to make a turtle!

The hand work, oh my - even embroidery in the borders of each fabric!
I am overwhelmed.  Back to giddy!  I will have to percolate for a while.  Each block is so special and I want that to shine in however I chose to set them.  And it feels like a story here...

I am so grateful to the Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show organizers for putting this together and continuing to grow the show and with it participation in quilting no matter where you are.  One of these days I will drive down and make it a day of fun to go to that show, maybe an annual fun trip!

So my lovely quilters and learners and viewers - challenge yourself!  Throw your hat in the ring!  You just never know what will happen...


  1. My block is the one with the wrong color orange. I mistakenly trimmed the block to 8 1/2" while at my son's house so when I realized my mistake, I did the best I coul. Please feel free to remove the offending orange and replace it with one of the "correct" fabrics. Your block is awesome! Congratulations. I would love to see the completed quilt at jibberishdesigns at gmail dot com.

    1. Irelle - glad you found the post! I have not decided about the orange. I was sad that it made your block ineligible. and it is one more thing that makes yours unique!
      Thank you for the compliment, I will post as I progress with this quilt :D


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