Cousin Wallhanging Almost Done

The joy of quilt as you go is as you finish the top it's pretty much done. I have often had issues finishing pieces because I got thru the "fun" part of the top and couldn't motivate to finish.
As you can see, that's not a problem here.
All the fabrics used, including the batting, are from my last trip home. Most are from my cousin and specifically requested. The rest from some fabric shopping done there (of course!).
I like how each piece is individual. To me they are some of the things I remember sharing with my cousins growing up- blowing up dandelions, moose sightings, fishing, and raspberry picking. Water is in our family of commercial fishers. And the checks- well, I love my trig shapes!
I liked the marquee design with borders but freedom. And I could not resist the bright contrast on the back with the yellow borders.
The white block on the back will be the tag; I just have to figure out what it should say.
Next - binding and possible sleeve for hanging.
Summer Fun wallhanging front without binding
Sumer Fun wallhanging back without binding


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