A journey begins

Today I'm going to start a new quilting journey. starting with the idea of a full year an art project and something created each day I plan on making 4 inch quilt squares every day encompassing a years worth of days. so ultimately 365 days.
(there might be a few extras here and there because 365 does not divide very well into something useful)
so soon you'll start to see pictures with background info on where the block came from; maybe it will be quilting program or a book or a magazine or even a just an idea out oft my head. maybe it will be appliqué maybe it will be pieced maybe it will be hand stitched or perhaps it is a technique I have never tried. the only rules are it has to be done within one day and it has to be 4 inches square.

Also, planning on each post to be done from my iPhone. Oh, this fascinating tech age!

I am also using the quilt as you go method. It would allow me to play with quilting techniques as a design element and watch the piece grow each day.

I have ultimately decided on a quilt 16 by 23 squares, so 368 blocks. I am also NOT limiting myself to 1 per day, that's just the minimum.

so let's see where this journey goes


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