Progress at 1/11th of the journey

Below is the progress thus far.  I really like the variety with the occassional obvious grouping.  I like that it seems to tell an artistic story, you can see some of them move from one style to another with correlations.  I like how the back is just this crazy quilt.

I like the quilt as you go method.  I found with the lengthwise sewing of the sashing the main challenge was making sure when i sewed down the back sashing it was even and didnt leave out any pieces.  I will have to tear out a few sections of stitching where it didnt quite work. 
The cool part is, when i get all 368 done - all the quilt will need is a binding.  This definitely will assist me in making it NOT turn into another UFO project.

So, anyone got any thoughts on quilting methods, quilt block styles, and sewing fun to explore?  336 to go!


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