Why I Try New Techniques

One of the reasons I am doing the 368 project is to encourage myself to take a few artistic leaps. It's less intimidating when it's just a 4 inch block!
One of the techniques I tested and worked with was reverse appliqué and mola quilting. That helped me finally find inspiration for a wallhanging my cousin asked me to do almost a year ago. She gave me a bunch of fabric she has used, asked me to use some of it in the creation and then left me with artistic license. Is anything more terrifying?
I knew I wanted water and fish, but nothing else. Also, do I add contrasting colors? Drama with black and white? Decisions!
So, I finally decided to use the quilt as you go method. And some reverse appliqué. Along with a marquee style arrangement, and we have a solid an! You can see my plans below, some steps, and 2 of the blocks in progress.

sketch for raspberry block
starting fabric
design layout
moose outline block progress


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