Block 92 and 93 or 368

For this block I was still thinking about weaving.  But I started to focus on how removing a thread or more from a woven fabric add transparency.

Block 92
Block 93
This is not a new concept, I have seen if before with burlaps.  As it happened I have rolls of a burlap with a chevron print of them from some holiday trims.  What if... and here we are.

Block 92 Front
First I tried straight up and down lines of transparency.  I also liked having a bit of fringe texture so I trimmed down the excess and feathered it up.  The quilting follows the chevron print from the burlap.  I really like how the background fabric peeks out, but I would have liked to see more. I also did not like how the blue of the chevron and the dark green in the fabric kind of blend.  I am definitely a contrast girl.
Block 92 Back

Block 93 Front
Next, I tried rose chevron print with a bright orange background.  My lines are also on the diagonal, and more in line with moda style applique.  I do love how the pea pod shape can be used to suggest other shapes.  And I like how the background fabric comes out a bit more, but we still enjoy the texture of a rough burlap.  again the quilting is along the chevron print.

Block 92 Back


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