Project of the Night - Disappearing 9 Patch

I decided to test drive a block pattern for a challenge.  I went hunting online for something interesting, quick, but with a result that LOOKS complex.  This is actually a TALL order.  I usually wind up with a block that I think looks easy to make, but in reality takes 4 hours, lol.

This one exactly fits the bill.  Took me about an hour from the time I started cutting to when I ironed the second block.  I found the pattern here.  I love the concept of sew and cut, sew again and cut and sew til you like it.  And this pattern and process is very open to modification.  When done its a modern geometric design.  Used with a variety of colors, like the example in the link, and you have almost limitless possibilities.

You also have a variety of ways to set the blocks as you cut and sew.  Tonight I played with 2 layouts.  A center pinwheel or signature block, and exploding squares.  The secondary patterns in a layout would be fun.

I also elected to challenge myself with color.  I do not like pink.  DO.  NOT.  LIKE.  PINK.  But it has charm and value when used well.  While I can bet I will never make myself anything with a lot of pink in it, I do try to use more of it and use it more for other people who DO like pink.  For this block, with the white background I thought a mix of pinks might be fun.  Shockingly - I love it!


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