UFOs - The Results of Cleaning a Craft Space

This week I have been working on cleaning and organizing my craft space.  I live in a small house with a large bedroom so my bedroom is where 2 tables and all my supplies live.  Due to many issues; small house, general lazyness, and 2 cats and a dog plotting revenge on me when I left them for 2 weeks; my craft space is a general disaster.  I also work from home with my office being off my living room and slowly 2 sewing machines and lots of supplies have made their way into that space.

So this week I finally got all my cottons reorganized and put away.  I now have a separate space for solids, and my character fabrics are separated by theme.  Batiks are up on top as I tend to use them the most.  Everything else is separate by color.
Cottons by color.  Of course the batts go up top!  Batiks in reach.  The empty spots is where I have to fit the character fabrics, somehow.

 Then there is the non-cotton items.  I have more of those fabrics than I thought so I am thinking I need to organize them by weight.  Or by color.

I thought it would use up 3 drawers, instead the non-cottons use up 6; and I still have a bin on the floor!
Then there is 2 huge drawers of various ribbons and trims.  This week I tackle the various mixed media items like stamps, scrapbooking papers and beading items.

The ribbon and trims so far in 2 large drawers.  I am still finding random ribbons in various places - hope they all fit!
While working the cottons, I found a lot of UFOs.  Blocks I have done over the years and abandoned for various reasons.  The random blocks I am thinking about putting in things like pet blankets and maybe a baby blanket or 10 to donate.  Then I found these 2 wall hangings.

Why didn't I ever finish these?  I did them years ago as a challenge to self in working with paper piecing and sewing round shapes.  I LOVE THEM!   I had to wash these 2 to get some musty scents off.  Took a deep breath and tossed them in a gentle cycle in the washing machine with some oxyclean.  Let them soak for an hour then ran them thru the rinse cycle.  I let them dry flat then spritzed them with lavender bed spray.  It worked!

My next task is to figure out some free motion quilting.  This weekend I am thinking I will pick 3-5 designs from Leah Day's wonderbar list of designs.  And then it will be time to play!  Can't wait to get these on my walls.   I am thinking about still doing a 3rd one with a paper pieced star shape. Fun stuff!


  1. Love the wall hangings you found. Absolut beautiful colours. Have not yet dared the circles myself but am hoping to get there soon.
    Good luck with the fmq on then.

    1. Thanks!
      Dare to try something new - this whole quilting thing is a never ending learning adventure!

  2. Those wall hangings are beautiful!! Oddly, I just moved my batiks to the top of my stash a few days ago!

    1. Thanks Linda! I have to admit, to me batiks are a step above so they get their own home!

  3. Love the wall hanging blocks you found! They are gorgeous!


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