UFO Discovery Update

While I have been making a few 368 Project blocks, most of them have been test blocks for the free motion quilting in the UFO wall hangings I discovered and decided to complete.

I have the sun one almost done.  I am still debating on quilting in the yellow border and/or the outer boarder.  I am thinking maybe echo quilting if anything.  For the free motion fire style motifs in the sun I am using Leah Day's site for wonderful ideas.  I am also using variegated threads for a forgiving look that I love.  The blues in the batik of this block just glow.

I am learning that quilting in the ditch, or close to it, is actually easier to do free motion!  Also, free motion quilting makes all the difference in the world on a smoother sewing machine.  I love my europro for most sewing and quilting, but the bernina just does a better, smoother stitch.  I also notice that the darning foot with the bernina behaves differently.  Perhaps that is why.

I am certainly learning in real time about things like tension, good needles for this kind of quilting, and what movements work best for me.

I am hoping to finish the main quilting in the blue moon hanging tonight.  Maybe I can get the binding on and on the wall by the end of the week!  This along with finishing 2 baby quilts this weekend for some coworkers bundles of joy coming up.  I am trying to clear off my quilt table to I can fully focus on a large project I am about to hit a critical and full time point on.  Busy busy hands!


  1. the piecing is beautiful and your quilting designs look really good on it.Contrasting thread shows the design up well, but requires more confidence than I have yet. working towards it though.


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