Blocks 90 and 91 of 368

Today I went exploring online and was interested in weaving in quilting.  These 2 blocks were the results of trying out 2 different methods.

Block 90 is a true weave.  I used this fantastic blog from LuAnn Kessi as inspiration.  I took 2 5 inch charms from my collection just for this project and cut them into .75" strips.

Block 90
Then, follow the directions in the above link, weave and fuse.  I used fusible fleece so I would not stiffen the overall block. The fleece then becomes the batting.
Block 90 Front - seaside!

Backing added and decorative stitching I call the spine added to the edges.  Love!

Block 90 Back - love how the diagonal print looks with the quilting.

Block 91 was pulled directly from this block pattern.  I love this style, and it makes a gorgeous quilt.  Its a wee bit harder translating into a 4 inch block!

Block 91
Decided on the black background and then picked 6 fabrics I liked together.  I cut 1" strips for a finished .5" weave.  This also meant the finished block was the same size as the starting fabric cut.

Block 91 Front - the black background makes the colors pop
Then, again, follow the pattern.  Sew and cut, sew and cut.  After the block was together I quilted in the ditch to highlight the weave pattern made.  One thing this block reminded me of - I am not fond of stitching in the ditch.  I always seem to miss the ditch!  I read that is one of the simplest quilting methods - but not for me!  I need to practice - will likely see more of that quilting in the future in an effort to better my technique.

Block 91 Back - I love the cherry pattern on this fabric!
I find of the 2 weave styles I prefer the one from block 90.  I see a huge amount of diversity possible, and I get so impatient with trying to match seams in the second style.  However, I prefer the color variations in the sewn weave.  Both are excellent additions to this project!


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