Blocks 94 and 95 out of 368

Still thinking texture and layers, This time I decided to play with some knits.  I took a jersey fabric from a recycled t-shirt.  Considering the day-glow orange it was definitely time to recycle that shirt!

Block 94
Block 95
Block 94 Front
Then I played with backgrounds.  Much more contrast going on here.  On block 94 I went with a dark brown and bright teal print.  Playing with quilting lines and geometric shapes I did a few lines of horizontal stitching and then a section on the diagonal.  I love how the jersey peels back from the fabric on the horizontal quilting.  But I found by not following the stretch of the fabric I did not get that peel effect on the diagonal cuts.  For the diagonal lines I tried shredding the edges to give a feathery look.  I love the resulting texture!

Block 94 Back
Block 95 Front
On block 95 I chose a bright blue background print.  I kept to horizontal cuts, but added a few lines of sewing to give it geometric 'sections'.  While the resulting K shape was unintended I do love the effect.  The peel of the horizontal lines is really interesting and very 'organic'.  straight lines yield a oval shape.  Fun!

Block 95 back


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