Block 97 of 368

I have been rather lax in updating this blog.  That does NOT mean I have not been sewing - far from it.

So, back to the blogging.  I love keeping a record of progress and how things come together.  Even if no one else reads it (though I hope you do!) its a great chronicle for me later.  Just looking at the first 100 posts of this blog and I can see where my skills have grown and my artistry has changed.  It is good to know thyself!

This block was one I did while free motion quilting the UFOs I found while cleaning my craft storage.  I wanted to play with the flame stitch from Leah Day's blog and decided it would make a good block for this project.  That's what this project is all about - building my skills without wasting it on testers I never use.

I love the contrast of the variegated orange/yellow thread on the dark blue fabric.  Honestly I would have a whole quilt of dense interesting free motion quilting in gorgeous threads.  I did not post a front and back as they are exactly the same fabric!


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