Project of the Day - Easy Peasy Coasters

This weekend I decided to take a break from complicated designs and go for a set of easy peasy quilted coasters.  I use coasters all the time.  Working from home I have drinks at my desk near my computer for hours, and find the look and usefulness of coasters to both sooth me, and keep me cleaner than my desk would otherwise be!

I prefer the look of simple patterns in coasters, but I do want *A* pattern.  I happen to have a sheet with a fun pattern that I want to put in projects, and a large stack of 5 inch solids.  What to do...

Its time for cut and sew!  I just layered a 5 inch block of my black and white fabric and a solid.  I cut 2 vertical lines, with the center piece being 1.5 inches.  For each coaster I deliberately moved the middle portion from the middle to the side and back again.  This gave me reversible front and backs.

I also obviously chose shades of blue.  For the quilting I used straight stitching, in variable patterns.  For practicality a dose of scotch guard - and they will be ready for practical and attractive use.  Quite happy with the results!


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