Indigo Salmon Part Duex

After working on the indigo salmon block for the Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show Challenge I loved it so much I knew I wanted something for myself with that fish.

"Indigo Salmon"
Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show 2014 Block Contest entry
9.5" x 9.5"

My bathroom is decorated in commercial fishing imagery.  I don't have any of my own art in there.  This just screamed for me to change that.  So, the idea for a wall hanging is born.

Next is to think about size.  I also have an idea of entering it in the Project Quilting Triangles challenge so I had a thought of a background of triangles.  HSTs, equilateral - I have been working with both lately.  Maybe some flying geese, hmm.

While that percolated I gathered some scrap fabric and just started cutting and sewing strips.  I liked the results, so I elected to do HSTs out of those strip blocks.  Originally I thought the lines should contrast and be opposing on each block.  But I really liked the lines staying the same direction just offset in different colors.

Once I had several blocks I put a set together in a size that will work for my above the door reserved spot.  Then I added a frame in a chocolate fabric.  I did not have enough chocolate fabric in my scraps to do the whole frame, so I added a little bit of the cutaway strips from the HSTs as pseudo corner blocks.

I had a few pieces left over so I elected to piece the back and match it to the front seams.  When sandwiching it all that was an interesting challenge involving a lot of pins and eventually just saying 'whatever, lets go'.

Once sandwiched I added the fish fusable pieces.  Then I added the outline quilting to stabilize the whole piece as I worked on free motion quilting and moving it under the needle.  At this point I decided to try a filler design I have seen used but never tried - the back and forth curves.  I really loved how it came out.  Very free form and organic and easy to edit for the space needed.

Once I got the blocks to the right of the fishy quilted, I changed threads and prepared to quilt the fish.  I added a layer of bronze tulle to the top and outlined the fish pieces in a burgundy thread maching the fish fabric.  Then I added a thin line just outside the fish to give the tulle more support.  Trimmed away the tulle, and we are good for the fish!.

Last, finished up the filler quilting in the blocks around the fish.  This is where the ability to edit this design for a varied space came in VERY handy.

Love how this turned out.  I like the HSTs so much and how the colors came together I would  make a quilt in this design/pattern.  The lines and HSTs create so much movement nothing else would be required.  For this piece I am excited that it will be lovely on my wall, or be equally fabulous as a table runner.
"Indigo Salmon Part Deux"
Project Quilting Season 5 Triange Challenge Entry
39" x 11"

Keep sewing!


  1. This is fabulous! LOVE what you've done here!

  2. This is gorgeous! Are the edges of the fish appliqué turned under, edge stitched, raw edge -- how are they finished? I'm trying to decide on how to finish the edges of a rather intricate appliqué piece.

    1. Lo - They are fused down, and then the tulle layered over it. The quilting actually goes around the fish fabric, almost like stitching in the ditch. The tulle and then the close stitches are what hold it down. The tulle almost disappears when you use one layer, though I like to use a color that gives it a wash of color, and in this case shimmer.
      And thank you!

  3. Did you cut out the fish yourself or was it precut?

    1. Sara - I cut it out myself :) I sketched it out on fusible and then cut out the bits and pieces with little sharp scissors.

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your process.


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