Easy Peasy Coasters - Take 2

I loved the first batch of easy peasy coasters I made this week I decided to make another.

For this set I kept the same focus fabric of the black and white print.  I also selected solids from the same stack of 5 inch charms I have on hand.  This time I deliberately chose kinda ugly colors (if there is such a thing!) that would be difficult to use in other projects.  It came out with a vivid modern autumn feel I really like.

Lastly, I chose another very simple pattern.  This time the classic half square triangles.  Great movement and contrast.

Cut and sew, and then create the quilt sandwich.  I do not bind these, instead I use what I call the pillow method.  I put the front and back right sides together, and then add a square of batting.  Sew 1/4 inch around the edge leaving about 1.5" opening, trim excess batt and corners, and then pull out the right sides of my front and back thru the opening - like a pillow case.  Using a dull tool, poke the corners out, hand sew the opening closed.  Iron flat.  For small projects I find this much easier than binding.   You can see it also tends to give a bit of an organic shape to the square.

For quilting I again chose a series of diagonals and straight line stitching.  Love the results!  This set is on my desk for work and I am using the orange one on my sewing table.


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