Blocks 102, 103 and 104

This series was made while playing with free motion fillers for Indigo Salmon Part Deux.  I love how this back and forth simple design adds texture and complexity to the simplest piecing.

In block 102 I took a wonderful oil slick print and did a whole cloth quilting on the diagonal.  I did 2 free motion straight lines on the diagonal and used those as my border for the fillers on the triangle shapes.  This would be a great way to quilt sketch the illusion of leaves and leaf veins.

In block 103 I did a quickly pieced 4 patch.  I stayed with the square shapes and just alternated the direction of the lines.  I also deliberately (mostly because it was already in the machine!) used a highly contrasting thread color.  It almost glows with the blues, and adds yet another layer to the overall design.  However, be prepared to see ANY mistakes or fugly spots on the back if you use a whole cloth solid print!

For block 104 I took a 9 patch UFO from another series, and this time put the lines on the diagonal within the square blocks.  This might be my favorite, especially from the back.  I love how the negative space in the quilting creates the 9 patch in relief.  

Keep sewing!


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