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Oh cathedral window blocks.  They totally fascinate and frustrate me.  I find them very beautiful and full of movement and possibility.  At the same time I find them so annoying to try to make; they usually need handwork to make them look right or wind up a little wonky or off looking in my practice.

Until now.

I decided to try to make a cathedral window to the full 4.5 inch size of these blocks.  Then I went looking for a tutorial to remind me how to make one.  Instead I found this; How to make a faux 3D Cathedral Window Block by Quiltbugs.  Mind.  Blown.

So, I pulled some cool fabrics out for a focus fabric.  Then found some scraps in contrasting colors.  Amusingly enough the green fabric that creates the outline of the diamond was accidentally sewn in backwards so its the 'wrong' side of the fabric we see on the block.  As with many prints and cottons the back is a muted version of the front and interesting in its own way.

I had to do a bit of guessing on the block measurements especially since I tend to turn a scant 1/4 inch hem into a think 1/4 inch hem.  One of the things I love about this version is how easy it is to do from start to finish on the machine.  Just keep in mind the diamond has from 4 to 6 layers of fabric.


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