Blocks 118 thru 120 of 368

This block came from a desire to work with zig zags.  Zig zags are big in fabric design right now and I am pretty happy with that.  Wonderfully graphic with a ton of movement.  Zig zag prints make awesome borders and interesting bindings.  You have to be careful using them in blocks as the graphic nature of the design definitely changes the look of the block.

Here I created a zig zag with the half square triangles.  I used pinks simply because I had them on the top of the scrap basket in precut sizes.

The challenge of sizing in quilt as you go is unique in my experience.  Each block in this quilt has a base size of 4.5".  When I put the squares together, .25 inches per side goes under the sashing strips used during the process.  I have a finished size of 4", which is normal in quilting.  However, when I make a block that is larger than 4.5" and will be a multiple of 4.5 - I have to create a design that will show the extra .5 inch for every extra block it covers.  So in this case - I created a block that is 4.5" tall, and 13.5" wide.  The finished size will be 4" by 13"; not 4" by 12".  Very non-standard and definitely interesting to measure in HSTs.

So, I just created a bunch of HSTs from 2.5" squares and cut off the extras.  That is one of the cool things about the zig zag design here - you don't lose the design just because the edges are cut off.  Your mind tells you its still there and creates it for you.

I am sure more zig zags and HSTs will appear in later blocks!


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