Block 107 of 368

To me the orange peel block is the companion to the cathedral window block.  I have never actually done an orange peel before but like the cathedral windows I find them quite beautiful.  lots of movement and possibility.

I decided to make an orange peel for the first time and kind of made up my own versaion based on remembering patterns I have seen.  Since I only wanted one block, not a whole quilt, I took 2 circles of fabric, sliced them in half, and used that for my 4 'petals'.  Then I put the blue fabrics in the windows created for a fun contrast.

I love how you sew these down the edge of the curve of the circles and just peel them back - hense the name.  I have seen these done as a rag quilt - I would love to have a rag quilt made in this pattern.

I think we will see orange peel variations on this quilt later.


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