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This block came about when I realized I have not done a square in square amish block for this project.  Well, it's about time!

I took some solids and did a very traditional amish quilt block.  This is done for a full sized quilt.  Very dramatic and modern results.  As it happened I had the solids for the color way I see the most in this style.

Once I had the top together I elected to use a less traditional back but chose something that makes me think Amish - log houses.  I might never have used this charm square otherwise!  Then for quilting I did a very close echo quilting - less than 1/32 inch from the seam line.  Then in the middle I did a dense grid - again quite traditional for this block.

Voila!  I do love how shades of red work on dark fabrics like this.  Great way to use jewel tone solids.


  1. Indigo, found this blog from Leah's. Went to the first of April and have fallen in love with the Faux Cathedral and Orange Peel Blocks you have made. Where do I find a tutorial of the Orange Peel that you used? Your blocks are amazing and at 4" seem to be just the right size for experimenting. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Oh, I went to your other blog with Molly and this is very good to see what happens with what others give you to work with. Congratulations on all that you are doing.

    1. Mary - Thank you so much! I went looking for what I used. I mostly used my memory. I saw a orange peel quilt being made in a quilt store several years ago and asked about it. Other than that I looked at pictures in progress, particularly this one; Based on that I kind of made it up.

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And yes, this size is just right for a fun test, and this project gives me something to do with those tests - which are charming in themselves. I recommend it for any artisan to play with!


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