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This series was in response to a desire to try out a great tutorial for an easy drunkard's path.  This video shows it in the best way possible - slow and simple.  Got to love that!

However, as happens to many a quilter I am betting, once I got 2 made I still had ideas for layouts!  So, I pulled out some solids to give it even more contrast and fun, and tested away.

The first series of 2 is from a set of fabrics I just love.  I have them in 3 color ways; white with black, black with white, and white with red.  I used the black and white variants for the front and backed both with the red variant. I learned you want to be careful using big prints in the drunkards path - if you do make one of your pieces a solid color for a strong line.  Here the patterns kind of flow together, which can be interesting but loses the drunkards path curves.

Also, for variation 2 I am not sure I would recommend echo quilting.  I cant help but see a pac man in it, lol.  The color variation on the backs is not the fabric, its a shadow I could not seem to get away from while picture taking!

For the second set I pulled all solids to get away from losing the curves in the pattern.  Originally I was going to put green on purple and purple on green, but then I decided to just use light and dark on each other.  I also used 2 different layouts.

 I then picked backs that represented the colors on the front.  For quilting I stuch with echo variants.  I love the way the echo waves of the purple variation worked out.  I was nervous about that block setting at first as it is so asymetrical, but with the quilting it works even on a small scale like this.  On a large scale it is gorgeous.

So, this is my play with drunkard's path in 4 inch blocks.  Love the movement and sheer possibility of this block, almost as basic and easy as HSTs!  No wonder its been used SO much!


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