Block 77 of 368

While on vacation I had the idea of working on a handful of 4 inch blocks for this project with hand stitching.  I got a great charm pack of interesting fabrics and a handful of trims I wanted to play with.  I started with some random quilting and then wanted to add trim to it to make it interesting and a little funky.

As often happens on vacations I wound up doing other vacation activities, but I had a handful started.  So, i continued them once I got back on track in the new year.  This is the first effort.

Block 77 front
Block 77 back

I started with this slightly glowy orange mixer fabric.  I quickly decided on a freehand diagonal quilting pattern.  Then, I added the daisies.  I love daisies, and found a ton of them in different colors in the trims.  the small red daisies add a bright accent and the mini white daisies help tie it together.  they are just sewn down quickly on the machine, and voila!  I just love how simple yet interesting this turned out!  I see trims being a bigger presence in future blocks!


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