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Ok, back finally!  The holidays always throw me.  I sew sew sew all kinds of projects, start things mid month, rush rush rush - and then need a break from even thinking about anything creatively complex.

However, I have started a few projects, slow and steady.  I just tend to do better in general if I am creating, and have some great plans this year.

I am doing a monthly block project with my friend Molly.  Check out our shared blog on how we are sending each other monthly inspiration and then creating a block from those ideas - sharing as we go.

I am also working on a king commissioned quilt for an Alaskan friend.  Its huge, its a bit complicated, and it is taking up a huge amount of my creative brain right now.

So to keep things fresh and shake my brain lose from ruts - I am back to a 4 inch block daily-ish for this continued project.  I am also following Leah Day's blog, and her 2014 freemotion quilt-a-long.  If you are at all curious about quilting and want to take a few hours a week for something low key, but really fabulous, do this project. I wanted to join and work on freemotion quilting, but with the above commitments I didn't see how I could handle another full sized project.  Finally it came to me in the middle of the night - add it to THIS project!  Its still quilt as you go, and falls in line perfectly with my goals here - of learning while creating unique blocks.  Win-win!  these 2 blocks are the first in that series.

First we have the wiggle u's.  I am deliberately limiting myself to fabrics I have on hand.  Which is not exactly a hardship.  But it will continue to be a bit scrappy.  I got these fabrics in an after the holiday sale.  Frankly, the reds are gorgeous.

Wiggle Us front - Block 75

Then we have the grid.  I love grids.  However, doing this one freemotion was a bit intimidating, yet also really freeing and rewarding.  It is nice learning something that just adds to my abilities for future projects.
Grid front - Block 76
Grid back - Block 76


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