Block 85 of 368

I swear I am setting aside the trim after this for a while!

However, for now, I wanted to take the ugliest fabric I have on hand to see if quilting and trim would liven it up.

Enter my trusty daisies.  Blue daisies and a neon pink one (told you more would come!) on top.  All this with miles of dense quilting creating different sections of this small block.  I used a light blue thread on top, and a dark blue thread in the bobbin.

I do like how this turned out, despite the daisies currently making me think of a baby headband.  While it isn't my favorite block, I have a feeling adding it to the quilt overall will make a charming addition to the whole.

Block 85 Front

Block 85 Back

Block 85 - the quilting made that batting FLAT!


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