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I have wanted to make a thread block.  I have seen this pattern called different things; hourglass, spools, Arkansas Traveler; but I just think of it as the thread block.

Block 89 - colorful thread!
For a 4 inch block I decided I did not want to try to piece this one, with .5 inch sections and 1/2 square triangles etc.  So, I cheated and used fusible webbing for a applique style.  I am really happy with how it came out.  The background fabrics were fun to select, and I love using the blanket stitch for outline quilting.

This is a very scrappy, very colorful block, just my style!

Block 89 Front

Block 89 Back


  1. Oh, I love this block! They are spools to me, because they're shaped exactly like some of my antique wooden spools. The colors and prints are great.

    1. Linda - thanks so much! Yes, they remind me ofold wooden spools as well. I was tempted to quilt lines like the thread wrapped around the middle. Maybe on the next one!


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