Block 84 of 368

For many many years I have considered ric rak to be a low brow kind of trim for cheeply made hand-me-downs.  Honestly, I am no sure why I thought that, but i never liked ric rak when I was little, and didn't consider using it in anything when I started quilting.

However, I am seeing the charm in ric rak more and more.  Especially in larger sizes.  Perhaps it is my new fascination with zig zags and the movement of the chevron shape.  

When i found this rainbow ric rak in the trims, despite my aversion to candy colors, I went for it.  Adding it to this background of medium brown fabric.  It adds a great deal of joy and brightness to this block i am not sure would have happened any other way.

Along with the trim obsession, look to see more ric rak in this project!

Block 84 Front

Block 84 back

Block 84


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