Block 87 of 368

Well, this is me trying to depart from trims.  I just realized, couching is another kind of trim though, lol.  I will get there, I promise.

However, on the whole this is a big departure for me.  I was looking again at trapunto.  While I am not yet inspired to go the traditional route - cut a small slit in the back of quilted fabrics and stuff sections handsewing it back together - I am intrigued by modern methods of trapunto.

3 layers of batting!
This is 3, count them 3, layers of batting.  A center high loft poly, and 2 layers of a thin fleece.  Then I did a diamond double pattern.  After that, I could have stopped, but it just begged decorating the diamond lines - so I couched in a basket weave of metallic yarns.

I really like the results.  It would be really interesting to put this method into the borders of a wall hanging.  I am not sure how well it would do in a quilt in large sections as the many layers of batting make it very stiff and with little draping.  It would also work really well for a fabric basket.  hmmm, that's an idea...

Block 87 front

Block 87 Back

Lots of texture!


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