Block 80 of 368

Still loving trims!!!

This fun block started with a stripe.  I love striped fabrics.  I am really getting more and more into fabrics that are difficult to mix because they have so much going on, so much movement, in themselves.  Stripes are just the start - watch for the chevrons to make an appearance!.

In the meantime, here are stripes.  So, I carefully lined up front and back as best I could and quilting with white thread in the white lines.  I am currently using a high loft poly batting, so the furrows really puff up with the quilting.

Then I pulled out this admittedly intimidating elegant rose ribbon trim.  Bright red, it is a different tone of color than the fall tones in the base fabric.  I really like how they work together and decided to go with it.

I pinned it a bit offset along the lines and then quilted it down along the white quilting lines.  It has a red netting backing that goes a bit beyond the ribbon flowers, so it adds a subtle shading to the fabric colors on either side.  Very simple, elegant and intriguing.

Block 80 front
Block 80 back


  1. Better and better - love reading about your process in making these blocks.


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