Block 160 of 368

This block was one of those ideas that woke me up in the middle of the night.  

I have never really played with stained glass look in quilting.  I find it beautiful, but the idea of the precision and yards of black bias appliqued on the top just gives me the hives.

I figured for something this small I could do that.  But then I thought - what about a satin stitch in black thread?  Same thing right?


My first mistake was probably fabric choice.  The dark background I chose looks like stained glass, but its too dark to see the black outlines.  

 Second mistake was in not stitching the background.  It is layers on the batting, but as the satin stitching went down the edges kept popping up.  Which then needed more satin stitches....

However, i do love how the back looks.  It gives a reverse image of the stain ed glass pattern and looks pretty cool. 

I elected to keep it in the quilt as another reminder - sometimes learning isn't about what you learn to do, but what you learn NOT to do!

Keep sewing!


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