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After viewing some hand quilting I realized that hand quilting can be it's own pattern.  i know, this might not be a big revelation, but it made me curious enough to try.

So, I took some variegated flosses and went to town.

One callous on my thumb later and voila!

 I started with a stark look by using a block charm for the top...

...and a black and white print for the back.  I sketched out a few arcs and sewed sewed sewed.  And sewed.  And sewed.  I didn't think I would ever finish!

 Finally I felt it was good to go.  While hardly a favorite technique the almost primative look of the imperfect stitching in a high volume is interesting.  It also has a fabulous texture.

I decided to try again, even after the pain of the first.  I again used a variegated floss in blues and this time added a spin with a pieced block. 

 Keeping the stitches simple again, and in random widths from the next line.  I Love how it highlighted the HSP pieces block.

For the back I chose this sweet floral print.  With this kind of stitching it feels like a southern summer, simple and sweet. 

Keep sewing!


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