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I am taking the plunge.  I am auditioning for Sewvivor.  This looks like a fantastic online contest that is right up my alley - periodic 'challenges' where different artists interpret things in innovative and unique quilty ways!

My mind is already working on the challenge topics.  The first is nautical.  Well heck, thats almost too much to work with!  Then quilted bag.  Hmmm, that one worries me a bit.  Then hexies.  I can't decide if I am delighted or chagrined!  Lastly - a lap quilt.  All exciting stuff for quilters!

I am being foolishly brave by selecting a work in progress as my audition.  I actually can't think of anything I have done or am doing that is more uniquely me than this project that helped me create this blog and certainly inspires me daily.

Pinned to my design wall to see it all together.  Still keeping it in rows up to 6 for bulk under the needle.
Here, I am 10 rows in, or 43% of the way.  I have to say, as eclectic as the blocks are I am truly loving how they come together.

The original premise was to create one 4 inch block daily.  However, the daily part quickly revised to 'when I can'.  Life has been busy and other quilting projects come first many times.  The one thing that has remained consistent however is this project is where I test ideas.

Closeup of the first row of a word
Paper piecing, felt free form, and applique flags
Each block is a challenge for me in a new technique or to perfect a technique.  It may be an idea that came to me like a flash, or one that percolates for a while.  Some are techniques I have read about in a blog or magazine.  All blocks have their own blog posting in this blog as I have created them.  By using quilt-as-you-go for a finishing method it has helped me keep the blocks from damage and made me learn a great deal about QAYG as a technique.  It also means that while I consider this a work in progress in all reality the quilt as it is is finished other than a binding - every single piece is individually quilted.

Paper piece flying geese, reverse applique,
my version of a Baltimore Block style pattern,
 and tiny cathedral windows.
When finished this quilt will likely become wall art.  Its is very heavy now and when fully done will likely weigh as much as 3 quilts!  I am also thinking about using it for a teaching quilt; it is a record of many of my skill milestones and will likely hold many more by the time I am done.  I truly think any quilter looking to expand their abilities should do something similar.

Another Baltimore Block style, wonky star,
paper pieced square in square,
and more flying geese.
So, using this for Sewvivor audition.  Even if I do not make the final 16 (and there is some serious talent in the auditions sew far) I will follow along in the Sewvivor quilt along, which may have it's own prizes!

The backs are interesting on their own - all but one so far a solid piece of fabric!

I also love how the quilting comes through on the backs.

3D hexi flower, half square triangles, playing with circles, and improv curved piecing.

String piecing fun, thread painting, reverse applique,and  raw edge applique.

Drunkards Path variations, more 3D hexis, thread painting, trapunto, painting on fabric, applique, and hand stitching.

Faux Cathedral Windows, traditional Amish square in square, disappearing 4-patch, and the twister.

Trapunto, paper piecing, needle turn applique, prairie points, and free form applique.

11 more rows to go!

Come sew with us!


  1. CRAZY AWESOME. I'm not usually a fan of things that are super busy, but this quilt is like a treasure trove of various techniques and colors and mysteries. I like how you incorporated some letters/a word in there, too. I keep wanting to search it for more interesting little tidbits. It's beautiful!

  2. WOW! My favorite quilts are always those with the most sentiment :-)

    1. Thank you Heidi! I agree, but then I might be biased ;)

  3. Very very cool! I love how it is a record of all of your skills and lessons learned. Looks fabulous. Best, Kate

    1. Kate - thank you muchly! That is one of my favorite aspects as well :)


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