WIP it Wednesday - Week 4

Goodness, the weeks go faster and faster!

Image thanks to DIYLOL.com
SO, last Wednesday I ended with the following;

  • Completed - 368 Project.  Last block created on 6/25/2014.
  • Not Completed - Blocks for the next swap. I have 50 Cathedral Windows to make and 48 1/2 square 5 patches.  I would like to do a handful a week.  The swap starts at the beginning of the year, I think, but I prefer to have the blocks ready before it starts.
  • Not Completed - Commissioned quilt.  Sew a minimum of 1 row per day.  33 rows to go.
  • It is coming....  Commissioned quilt - design applique tree.  I finally have an idea I like, but as it will be several feet tall and wide, I will need to draw out a template.  It will be a solid day or 2 with rolls of brown paper taped to the wall and a pencil.  I am actually aiming to do this 4th of July weekend.
  • Not Completed -- QAYG project from this blog, Span the Distance in Stitches.  I need to finish compiling the May and June packages for M.  I got a LOVELY box of goodies from M and would like to get 1 block per week done so by end of June we are both caught up.   Working on May's package with pounding flowers.  I have so many flowers in the yard to play with!
  • SO Not Completed - Play Time quilt.  I have 1/2 done of this paint chip color challenge.  I want this for my couch, so while I am not rushing, I want it done.  My goal for now is to make 2-3 blocks a week.  15 blocks to go! 
  • Completed - I am in the design stage of a baby quilt that must be completed by July 26th.  I am kinda leaning towards circles.  Want to get the fabrics picked out of my stash this weekend.  I am leaning towards a simple 6 inch HST block set on a off center chevron design.  I am currently in love with spring colors combined with grey as the neutral, so this will be a good mix.

  • 7 Projects, 2 completed and 1 in progress.  Argh!!!

    Now, there is mostly a reason for that.  A couple of reasons.  And these are reasons, not excuses, I swear.
    1. I have a new position at work that is incredibly busy.  By the end of the day I am hungry, grumpy and very tired.  I get up early, and do a bit of sewing - but my sewing time outside of work is very reduced right now due to sheer tired.
    2. Instead of working WIPs I started a new project that will be mentioned below.  I have to laugh at myself.
    3. I focused hard on the baby quilt.
    SO.  WIPs under the table today.  

  • 368 Project.  Last block created on 6/25/2014.
  • Blocks for the next swap. I have 50 Cathedral Windows to make and 48 1/2 square 5 patches.  
  • Commissioned quilt.  33 rows to go.
  • Commissioned quilt - design applique tree.   I am actually aiming to do this 4th of July weekend.
  • QAYG project from this blog, Span the Distance in Stitches.  Send compiled May/June and work on pounding flowers (that sounded better in my head...)
  • Play Time quilt.  15 blocks to go! 
  • Baby quilt that must be completed by July 10th.  I moved the date because I think I will be mailing this instead of personal delivery.  I have a bunch done!  Details below.
  • Pink Color challenge wallhanging.  I started this because I saw some fabrics and had an idea.  Oi vey.  Working with HSTs, thinking it will be a chevron design.  
  • Quilt guild meeting is next Wednesday so I have a few things to do for that.

  • Whew.  Back up to 9 projects.  However, a couple should get tucked away shortly.

    So, the baby quilt.  I started with a picture of an ottoman to use for color choices.  This is for a modern mommy and daughter and the colors are unique for a baby quilt - which I love.  I am not a fan of pastels at ALL.  however, it has been surprisingly difficult for me to stay away from white!
    Ottoman inspiration.  light grey, 2-3 shades of a rusty orange and a rich blue.
     So with that in mind I went for a mostly solid grey base.  Then I found shades of orange I thought worked.  The blue was the hardest.  Finally I found this glorious blue fabric with a feather print that goes from a medium blue to a dark royal blue.
    As my cousin is a modern gal I knew I wanted a simple but unique design.  I saw a gorgeous large scale drunkards path design that I liked.  But I decided I wanted to use wonky circles.  So, working with 18" blocks I started being wonky.  However I needed 2 more squares.  So, I went and found another royal blue feather print that would add just a bit more rich contrast.
     After much cut and sew - this is the top.

    Next up is the back.  I found a black and grey plaid flannel that will be the main backing.  I am going to applique the peachy flannel in circles on that backing to lighten it up a bit.  One of those circles will also contain the signature block.

    For the binding I am using a black and grey piano keys style print that will bring a neat movement to the edging.

    For the quilting I am thinking I will do a series of concentric circles.  I am trying to convince myself NOT to, as it will be a bit of a pain and potentially a lot of thread - but it would just look AWESOME.

    While collecting fabrics for the baby blanket I also found other fabrics on sale.  A bright pink, black and white print, and a white and black print.  I am not a fan of pink, but I kept thinking I should use those insanely discounted fabrics.  So, I got home and found a print I have had and love but never used because I just don't use pink!

    I now have about 300 HSTs in that basket just waiting to be squared, ironed and then put in a design.  I think it will make a large wallhanging or perhaps a small baby blanket.  Hopefully it is something I can work on while watching movies.

     What are you working on?

    Happy sewing!


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