Block 43 of 368

So after the birdies in block 42 I had the nagging thought of a line of birds on the power lines.  And voila, this block.

For obvious reasons the first consideration was how to put a flock of birds on a 4 inch block.  So for these wee black birds I chose a black fabric and a fusable interfacing.  I set the interfacing over a 1 inch grid and pencil sketched my bird shapes keeping it under 1 inch each.  Due to the hand drawing each birdie is slightly different.  Then I ironed my outlines in the back of my chosen fabric - except one that I reversed both the bird direction and the side of the fabric for variety.  Cut out carefully with sharp embroidery scissors.

At this time I put my quilt sandwich together.  I quilted the illusion of a power pole and lines.  Then I quickly laid out the birds til I liked the placement.  At that time using a simple craft glue stick I glued the birds to the background.  Then a careful raw edge straight stitch I sewed the birds down.  Voila!  Simple, but I really like it.  The second picture gives an idea of how tiny the birds really are!


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