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I got banners and the cheery triangle bunting that seems to be currently popularstuck in my imagination.  This block reminds me of a party with cheerful draped banners overhead.

First I created a quick triangle template in 3 sizes.  The smallest is .75" x .5" and the largest is 1.5" by .75".  Then I pasted several of each side on the back of fabric, cut them out with a scant .125" border and using stick glue pastes the borders to the back of the paper templates.  For this block the paper will remain.

Then I arranged them on my block.  I chose dark small banners for the background and largest lightest for the front adding to the illusion of depth.  I sewed the banners down in 3 layers allowing the sewing to mimic the banner string.  It also creates the quilting as seen on the back of the block.

Fun and done!  Please bear with my photos - my new iOS update seems to have effected my photo editing aps!  Enjoy the preset borders. 😜


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