Block a Day Must-Haves

I decided to do a post on my must have tools for this block a day project.  I use a lot of various tools, but these 9 are the ones I am lost without.  I hope you enjoy!

1 - small cut and press.  This one is the June Taylor model.  The cutting side has an 11" x 11" grid with a 45 degree diagonal guide.  The pressing side also has a grid which can be quite helpful.  As you can see from the stains I use this A LOT and get a new one every couple of years.  For small projects I cannot emphasize the convenience of this 2 in one item.

2 - good ergonomic large straight scissors.  I probably own 20 sets of scissors and make sure to keep 3-4 large sets sharp and devoted to fabric.

3 - sharp embroidery or straight scissors.  For thread snipping and small delicate work small scissors are a must.  However, I also cut myself a lot more with them due to the close work - do beware.  Sharp scissors go thru flesh just as quickly as fabric and thread.

4 - 1" x 12" clear ruler.  I have a dozen or so rotary cutting rulers if various measurements. But for small pieces I use this on the most by far.  I actually have 3 of this size as I also use them for paper projects and in my office.

5 - a good iron.  I have had this one for years.  It is a sun beam drip free steam master with auto shut off.  It has one of the best non-stick self cleaning faces I have ever had.  I highly recommend having one large iron for crafting only.

6 - 8.5" and 4.5" Get Squared rotary ruler.  Before this kind of ruler I lived with the knowledge I would have blocks that I did not square well in every project.  For those like me who struggle with squaring projects this line is a life saver.  I have the 12.5", the 8.5" and the 6.5".  The best part is how the actually square 2 sizes on 1 ruler.  

7 - sewing machine.  It's my girlfriend.  I would not be a fiber artist without them.  I actually have more than one - this is my euro pro that is easy to cart around the house or to craft shows.  One of my favorite features on this machine is being able to switch from a foot pedal to machine single button stitch control.

8 - a good sharp rotary cutter.  Seriously, I don't know how quilters cut large amounts of fabric with any precision before the rotary cutter.  This one has a nice ergonomic grip and safety lock.

9 - fabric scraps.  One if my favorite parts if this project is using almost exclusively scraps.  I get to use all those little bits we accumulate, and combine some unusual fabrics.  Win win!


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