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This block is a play with felt, appliqué and 3 dimensional fiber.  I found these thread sketched flowers on an ap called craft gawker.  It's a fabulous ap that shows pictures of ALL kinds of projects and ideas and links to their original website.  I thought this was adorable - I want to make tons of sketched flowers now.

After making the flower I chose my background and backing fabrics and quilted my quilt sandwich in a 1/2 inch grid following the pattern of the dots on the back fabric.  I squared off the quilt sandwich and appliquéd the flower down via the center circle.  The petals and leaves are free of the background and will add texture and depth.  It will be interesting to add this block to the other blocks and make sure I don't accidentally sew down the leaves.

This one was fun - I see more fun with felt in the future!


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