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 Ahh, hsts.  Half square triangles are one of my very favorite design pieces, and one of my least favorite to actually sew.  The meeting of corners plague my little OCD soul.
However, after seeing this Oakshott pillow tutorial by Sew Mama Sew, I have to admit to wanting to try my hand at the multi sized HST look.
Block 130
 I drew my design on graph paper first.  As these are 4 inch squares and I wanted a variety of sizes, I started with 1/2 inch HSTs and went up to 2 inch.
After putting them together, I was really pleased with the result.  The black and white graphic print combined with the green batiks hid a multitude of point errors.  The varied directions and sizes of the triangles make a strong design look.  I quilted it in the white print only, with some echo and then some denser quilting in a few.
The result is a very modern block in this project.  And a more confident quilter in using HSTs!
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